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Personal Development & How to engineer the process ...

 Personal Development & How to engineer the process ...:

The very first question comes in the mind when you use the word Personal Development, is what exactly it is.

Personal Development is nothing fancy but the process of self-development by working on the skills or area where you feel you are lacking or need up-gradation.
It is very important to understand your dream; what do you want to achieve; what are your strength & weaknesses; what strength you required to achieve your dream, to achieve your goal; and what you need to improve and develop with time.

Let’s plan:-

1.       Define your goals
a.       Is there any dream, which you would like to fulfill?
b.      Are you looking for career growth?
c.       Which skill set you would like to work on to upgrade it or you would like to learn something new?
Now create a list, mention all that you would like to work & improvise on.
2.       Prioritize & Set a deadline
a.       Now since you have created the list of skills & area of improvement, give them the order, as per the preference of up-gradation.
b.      Set a deadline for yourself, so that you will work on your plan accordingly.

3.       Understand your strengths
a.       Ask yourself, what are you good at & can you use it as your strength.
b.      If not sure, then ask your family & friends.
Everyone in this world is good in something, you can use it as your Strength. It’s very important for your confidence that you must know your strengths. Once you know your strength, note it down and analyze how these strength can help you achieving your goal.
4.       Recognize opportunities and threats
a.       Your Behavior or habit may or may not support you to achieve your goal. Make a note of habits, which you feel are threats to your goal achievement.
b.      On the other hand you have some habits which you feel, if you use them they will act as an opportunity in your goal achievement.
Create a list of at-least 5 such behavior & habits which you feel are threat & opportunity for you.
5.       Develop new skills
a.       Write down the list of the skills you need to develop to achieve your goal.
To achieve something you have never achieved before, you need to develop & upgrade your skills, which you have never used before and required to reach your ultimate goal.
6.       Take action
a.       List down at-least 3-5 important actions which you need to work on during your self-defined deadline.
If you want to achieve your ultimate goal, there will be many actions you need to take and before that you must be aware of what exactly you need to do.
7.       Get support
Doing things by yourself will always help, but if you will be able to find someone who can mentor and guide you during your journey in transition; make you aware about your mistake and help you to overcome them. Always take guidance from someone, be it your family or friend.
8.       Measure progress
a.       Always make sure to note your progress stage wise – What you have accomplished? & what do you need to change?
Best motivation when you are in the process of some learning or working your self is your own Progress, even if it is little one.
It is important to measure your progress time to time and if you find something wrong, you need to change your strategy. It’s you, who is the best judge for his own progress, so you need to work out the right strategy to achieve your goal.

This is the most powerful way, for your personal development, define what is really important for you; start working on it & achieve your Dreams.

In today’s time we are so busy that we rarely have time for important things like personal development. Include this skill development or improvement plan in your daily schedule. Exercises like this can help you to get more clarity about goal that you wanted to achieve.

Most important, nothing will change overtime, you need to work on it gradually. Best way to plan & take your first step toward achieving your goal or dream, give yourself deadline and work according to plan.

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Personal Development & How to engineer the process ...

 Personal Development & How to engineer the process ...: The very first question comes in the mind when you use the word Perso...